Jeremias Pettinen

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I code web backends in Python. I can also write frontends, but would prefer just the backend part. Contact information is on the main page.



Aalto University (170 ECTS)

minor:computer science
BSc:expect to finish in 2023


4/2021– Software Developer, IDR Oy
  • Full-stack development on a SaaS device lifecycle management solution for businesses and the public sector. It’s a small company, so I get do a little bit of everything.
  • Backend: I work with Python, Flask, MySQL, Celery (task runner), SQLAlchemy, pytest, Swagger (REST API), and Docker, to name some of the common tools.
  • Frontend: JavaScript with Vue.js, Cypress for testing, Webpack for bundling.
  • Deployment: Not primarily my responsibility, but I have gained insight into serverless deployment on AWS using products such as Lambda, Aurora (MySQL), DynamoDB, S3, SQS, CloudFormation and CloudWatch.

Other skills

Python I use Python extensively for any task that could benefit from a little scripting. I had used Flask in many small-to-medium size projects even prior to working at IDR. I also found the Django framework quite easy to learn during a university web development course.
Databases I usually choose Postgres and Redis for most of my personal projects. I do also know MySQL/MariaDB not only through my job at IDR, but also because some services and websites I host use it.
JS/TS I know JavaScript well, unfortunately. I also know TypeScript well, thankfully. Though I have worked a lot with Vue.js, Svelte has been my frontend framework of choice for personal projects recently. I have worked plenty with Node.js and the npm ecosystem, including commissioned work building a website with PayPal, Patreon, Twitter and integrations (payments, OAuth login, webhook notifications), and private group projects building quite feature-rich chatbots.
Systems I’m comfortable in a Linux command line. I currently do most of my job inside WSL, and in my free time try to keep my dedicated servers from crashing and burning. I know Git well, of course, and can set up CI with e.g. GitHub Actions.
Other I am learning Rust and currently work on replacing my websites’ backends with it. I would not mind a chance to work with the language. I like to try out technologies, and have at some point learned more than just the basics of C, Scala, PHP, MATLAB and Dart, to name a few. I speak English (fluent, only acceptable working language), Finnish (native), Swedish (not a lot) and German (even less).


I care about information security, privacy and typography. I will nag about flaws in those. If I’m not online, I might be tapping the piano, outdoors with a bike and a cameraa camera, or in virtual reality.