Jeremias Pettinen

A jack of some trades based in Helsinki, Finland. Will write code for good coffee and a minimum wage. Contact information is on the main page.



Aalto University (170 ECTS)

minor:computer science
BSc:in progress on hiatus
2010–2013 High school: Mikkelin lukio


2021– Software Developer, IDR Oy


TL;DR: Python, JS/TS, SQL, HTML, the full stack. Prefer backend.

I prefer Python for most things a shell script can’t do, including web backends with Django or Flask. Also somewhat familiar with Node.js (and increasingly Deno). I’ve used or at least dabbled with plenty of languages and technologies (e.g. modern C in the POSIX environment, OpenCL, Scala, MATLAB). I’d like to have a project suitable for, say, Rust or Go.

Databases I know and love include Postgres and Redis. Some of the websites I host and bots I develop run on MySQL/MariaDB as well.

I can fix up a modern web frontend, though I’d prefer backend work. I’m not familiar with any of the big frontend frameworks; I generally use more lightweight ones like Knockout or Vue.js (or just plain old jQuery) in hobby projects.

I’m right at home in a Linux shell. Can’t say I have experience with “cloud technologies,” though I do run servers on AWS (just using it like a basic VPS).

I’m not exactly looking for media work, but I can certainly whip up basic stuff in e.g. Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects or Audition if need be. A lot of my media editing happens by scripting with tools like GraphicsMagick, FFmpeg and VapourSynth.

My non-programming languages are native Finnish and fluent English. Might be able to write (not speak) a coherent sentence in German and Swedish as well.

I haven’t published many of my little projects, but you might find something vaguely interesting on GitHubat


I care about information security, privacy and typography. I will nag about flaws in those. If I’m not online, I might be playing the piano, out photographing or in virtual reality.