Jeremias Pettinen

A jack of some trades based in Helsinki, Finland. Will write code for coffee. Contact information is on the main page.



Aalto University (170 ECTS)

minor:computer science
BSc:work in progress
2010–2013 High school: Mikkelin lukio


Some odd jobs. Nothing relevant.


TL;DR: Python, JS/TS, SQL, HTML, the full stack.

Right at home in a Unix shell. Will also use Windows, grudgingly.

I prefer Python for most things a shell script can’t do, including web backends with Django or Flask. I’ve used or at least dabbled with plenty of languages and technologies (e.g. C+OpenCL, Scala, MATLAB in school). I’d like to have a project suitable for, say, Rust or Go.

Databases I know and love include Postgres and Redis. Some of the websites I host and bots I develop run on MySQL/MariaDB as well.

I can fix up a modern web frontend, though I’d prefer backend work and am not particularly skilled with any single framework. I have tried out more lightweight ones like Knockout and Vue.js (and of course plain old jQuery) in hobby projects.

I’m not exactly looking for media work, but I can certainly whip up basic stuff in e.g. Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects or Audition if need be. A lot of my media editing happens by scripting with tools like GraphicsMagick, FFmpeg and VapourSynth.

My non-programming languages are native Finnish and fluent English. Might be able to write (not speak) a coherent sentence in German and Swedish as well.

I haven’t published many of my little projects, but you might find something vaguely interesting on GitLab or GitHub


I care about information security, privacy and typography. I will nag about flaws in those. If I’m not online, I might be playing the piano, out photographing or in virtual reality.